Alli (continued)
I kept my secret for as long as I could.  Although I regret hiding my pregnancy I felt it was my only option.  I was scared.I was doing well in school with straight A's and I was on track to graduate early.  I was also a part of the superintendent student council for the district.  I had my future all lined up.
I was afraid someone would try to get me to give up my baby.  I waited until I was 8 months pregnant to break the news.  I wasn't showing at all.  I believe that was my son knowing he needed to hide.  I prayed everyday, at least four times a day, for God to help me hide my pregnancy until the right time.  I asked that He keep my baby healthy.
I was trying to cope the best I could until the news came out.  It was at this time that I met a girl at school that told me about TLC. She was a teen mom herself.  I had never spoken to her before and she stopped me in the hall to tell me all about it.  I was skeptical at first.  A place that gave new moms free diapers, wipes, and baby items weekly? No way!
I attended the first meeting with the girl from school and two other friends.  We showed up on a celebration night.  After seeing how friendly, supportive, and united everyone was I realized this was the place for me.
My son made his arrival on December 22, 2017.  It was the best day of my life!  I faced a lot of hardships the week my son came home.  After winter break I returned to TLC and fell in love with the ministry.  They were my biggest support system.
Although my family and friends were supportive no one really understood what I was going through. The girls at TLC understood.  The volunteers and leaders were also very understanding.  Because of them I went back to school and started working on a future for my son and me.  TLC helped open my eyes and heart more to God.  My son's father has been inconsistent and in and out since he was born. Even so, I have managed to provide with the help of my support system.
In last three years I have been through a lot of emotional and mental abuse from the people in my life. TLC helped me see counselors and helped me to remove the toxic people in my life.  Fast forward to today and you can see that things have changed for the better.  TLC was a huge part of this change.  My son will be 3 soon.  I had a baby girl in March of 2020.  I've met a great guy, got engaged, and have my own apartment.  Although we still struggle sometimes I am definitely in a much better place. I owe a lot of that growth to my TLC family.  They have helped shape me into the woman that I have become and I will be forever grateful to them.